You are the Key

We are born into this place, this life of experience and near miss, choice and action, of fantastic opportunity and random tragedy. In this realm of uncertainty and risk where anything can be on the table, we have to learn as we go; there’s no instructions manual to read about the nature of this place. There’s no map to help navigate our thoughts, words or actions, much less our lives. We might as well be wandering around in the dark my friend, however we got here, and how we get anywhere else in this vast place was all done in the darkness, discovering with our feet as we stumbled into, learning with our hands as we worked upon, and then continued on with whatever illuminating insight we pick up along the way. This mysterious place provides reoccurring lessons through simple accidents and inconceivable coincidences, growth through hardships and pain through pleasures, but they are easy to miss if we’re scared of and focused on the dark.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about the dark…

“The dark” is nothing more than the unknown of what’s ahead, of what can happen… and fear, the fear of inadequacy, of not being enough. Fear is created when you forget the fact that you are capable and complete! Beliefs that say anything contrary to what you are, a capable and complete being, stand in between your limitless potential and your current experience. This illusion of inadequacy creates smoke that clouds the light of these truths and blots out the connection we have to the power of them. Let me say this once again, as it cannot be over emphasized, you are complete; nothing taken away will ever make you less you, nothing gained will ever make you more you. You are capable, of choosing who you are at this moment; by choosing how you show up for others, for yourself, by choosing your responses, attitude, and level of determination, you are actively choosing how you create the life you desire.

The truth that you are capable and complete is the power, it’s the energy. YOU are the bulb, and the awareness that these truths resonate inside YOU is the switch. Just as easily as a switch connects the bulb to its source and darkness is chased away, the light of your self awareness dispels the fears that hold us back, from our potentials, from our innate joy, from our purpose.

What is “the dark” if not the absence of the light?

Imagine if you will, yourself walking down a trail, a road, a long hallway, whatever works for you, and where you’re headed is just as defined. Your destination down the way is a representation of what you want, that lifestyle, that love, that job, that adventure, that something worthy of your determination. As you traverse the path you see it coming up… you suspected it being there, halfway knew it was going to be there, but now here it is. The bricks that build the wall each have a unique but similar inscription, something to the tune of “I can’t because…”, “I shouldn’t be doing this because whatever…”, “I should be blah, blah, blah…”‘ each block a separate thought you’ve had about the challenges of getting of where you want to go and your new obstacle, which happens to be standing between where you are now, and where you want to go.

As you stand here, staring at the bricks in front of you, you envision what is on the other side. It frustrates you that you are stuck on this side of the barrier, there are these barriers everywhere you want to go; the more you think about it, the more you realize that these walls not only keep you from being who, what and where you wish, they practically box you in, confining and defining everything about you!!! Realizing this makes you sick… the kind of sick that can either drown you in sorrow and self pity or enrage you to the point that all you can hear is your own pounding heart. How long have you felt like this and not even realized it? What you would give to be a wallsmasher… what would you give?

Gazing upward, you wonder, “How high is it? Can I possibly climb over this collection of obstacles, it looks so dangerous and demanding. I’ve daydreamed about it, armchair quarterbacked it plenty of times, but actually standing here, at this moment, I just don’t know if I have what it takes.” Looking side to side, the wall appears to stretch on and blends with the horizon, you’ve tried to wander around it before looking for an easier way, but that got you nowhere. You poke at the ground and consider trying to tunnel your way through, but just below the earth you find boulders, there are no shortcuts here, and there is no waiting out these walls.

Exasperated, you strike the wall, desperate for a change, willing for any change of perspective that may show you a way. Smacking the old dirty wall was something you haven’t done before, it felt good, but nothing appeared to have changed besides knocking loose some grime collected on it. In a gesture of half defeat, you nearly collapse onto the wall, resting your head to the bricks as the dust settles in your hair and on your shoulders. Taking a deep breath and opening your teary eyes in the haze, you notice something you haven’t before, a spot of light from the other side that cuts through the din. WHAT IS THAT?!

Your eyes get big, and I mean huge as you blow clean the area and see an actual keyhole like a scene right out of Alice in Wonderland in the center of a block! Carved into the stone are 4 letters, F E A R. What does that mean, and what’s up with this mystery key? You just have to know… Frantically you look around. Deep down inside it feels like you are on the verge of something huge, but what… WHAT… WHAT! Standing now with a renewed vigor, you turn back to the wall, chest pounding, head spinning, staring at the sliver of light. A moment of calm slowly comes on, as you close your eyes and stop focusing on the dark wall made of blocks and obstacles. The keyhole silhouette rests upon your chest over your heart, you know it because you feel it heating the skin beneath your shirt. The warmth grows, swells just beneath your rib cage and begins to spread throughout your torso, bringing into your consciousness not just the tissues of breath and movement, but the entirety of that which is within you, not just what is contained within the skin, but almost extending beyond yourself.

As the burning deep inside builds and begins to reach your fingers and toes you extend your hands, and push your palms against the cold rock. As consciousness of your awareness fills the entire container of “you”, it begins to flow from your palms and soles, spilling across the ground and oozing throughout the wall like steam through a cloth. You know this because the heat is continuous, from your heart, through your limbs on, permeating everything in close proximity, as it slowly continues further. Somewhere between your head and your heart, a connection, a bridge ignites, as a calm and silent power begins to course and rage throughout your entire being. All self doubt and fear has vanished as you embrace the incredible force of this moment like never before. As you open your new eyes, you know this is the last time you will ever be held to this place, on this side of any wall.

An unexplainable intuition compels you to raise a hand palm up to the sky; you somehow know what you require you will receive. Your entire body feels like a furnace, your hand the fire… You don’t know where it came from, perhaps it is from you, perhaps from a higher power, perhaps a combination of both, pure magic or freaky science, but as you close your grip around what has just materialized between your trembling fingers and look at what you have just co-created, you realize that you are looking at the answer to every obstacle you will ever encounter. A wave of goosebumps ripple across your back and down to your calfs as it dawns on you that you have always carried this forgotten knowledge with you… you are the key!!! You are the wall. You are the prize on the other side… Time seems to stop and everything goes quiet as you move toward the lock, key in hand. It glides into the latch effortlessly, like it has waited it’s whole life for you to send it home. Hesitating for a second before turning, you take the moment in gratitude to acknowledge that you are capable and complete. With a twist of the wrist you assume complete responsibility and power over any wall we unwittingly create as well as our ability to overcome any obstacle we stumble into. With a twist of the wrist, the wall or reasons you can’t have the life you want begins to crumble away like dominos

I am a pillar
I am complete
I walk on my path with mindful feet

I am happy
I am healthy
Take all that I own, I’ll still be wealthy

As I move though this place, sometimes I find myself literally running through the dark with my hands out. Letting my heart guide my steps, I have to let go of the urge to play it safe, of living a fear-based life. The only antidote to this fear, that keeps the unknown, the dark, from becoming a roadblock in my life, is confidence in myself, a trust that I am complete as I am, and from that foundation I am capable of navigating though wherever my heart takes me. Funny thing is, even taking the safest routes, making the safest decisions, and accepting only the safest commitments that carry the lowest risk of failure or discomfort, I’m still going to stumble onto obstacles and rough roads.

This doesn’t mean that I try to live a death-defying lifestyle, or that I push myself and my life endlessly onward to the limit, it just means that I don’t let the fear of potential challenges, the fear of what others may think or the fear of inadequacies become an insurmountable barrier to what I want, what I want to create, who I want to be… Everybody stumbles onto hard times and hits obstacles that challenge their knowledge, their skills, their patience and endurance. Whatever challenge I am facing is no different, I just have the trust in myself to overcome whatever challenge I choose, because I know that I choose my response, my attitude and my level of determination. I have controll over the majority of factors that make an obstacle insurmountable or not, which means I have the ability to create the life I desire. By choosing your attitude and level of determination, you can respond to any challenge by rising to meet the knowledge or skill demand and/or inadequacy. It may take immense patience or endurance, but once again, the ball is always in your court, you are the key to making it all happen!

Whatever your destination is a place of peace, that job or lifestyle you dream of, that love, that adventure, reclaiming your health, claiming your wealth, that primal calling… you have what it takes. Weather it is being your authentic, carefree self or being the change you want to see in the world, you are complete and capable of it, you are the key

The absence of fear is not the absence of negative possibilities,
It is the confidence & trust in yourself to make positive all possibilities…

4 thoughts on “You are the Key

  1. I just started reading your posts yesterday and I must say I thoroughly enjoy the reading and the life messages. I am going to spend every morning reading and learning. You rock.

  2. We create our locks & then forget that WE possess the very key to unlocking the locks we create.

    ~ Many blessings sent your way~

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