Hitting the Lotto

Why do we pause for a moment before eating, receiving or doing something we are grateful for? Whomever we say thanks to, we are acknowledging that we are benefiting and are thankful. We practice this ritual as manners, prayers & relationships…

I like taking a moment to appreciate many things throughout my day, a habit that serves me well. In the morning as I approach my home I regularly stop short and think, “How lucky am I? THIS is my life… complete with THIS home for my beautiful family (who are waiting for me behind this door) to grow in…wow,” I feel I’ve hit the lotto! It keeps me aligned with the great happy…

Recently I was marveling at this, and that question, “how lucky am I” struck a different tune. I whipped out the almighty smartphone and googled up the world population.

Worldometers.info was a good place to start giving me the straight: there are a whoppin 7.22 billion people walking on planet earth today, give or take a few. 7.23 million right here in the U S of A, a mere 4.45% of the world population. So comparing quality of life with anything familiar to us is just pain silly if we are to┬átruly┬áconsider the odds of our “how lucky am I?”

Next, I stopped by globalrichlist.com, to see how my income measured up in the world. *side note, although I don’t feel as though one’s income dictates their quality of life, it is a determining factor on the ease of life, which is a quality I value. Plus, income influences dwelling, healthcare, free time, nutrition, and instead of considering all those factors, I chose an ease-r equation! I entered my income and was shocked to find out I am in the 0.11% richest class measured in income globally. Not only that, I was notified there was a measly 6,645,708 folks ahead of me in line! Check out the website and prepare to be surprised

So then I considered being a happily married man, how can I quantify that? Surely not EVERYBODY married is as thrilled with their partner as I, and the title n status of marriage doesn’t dictate a happy family, healthy relationships do. Mutually beneficial, respectful and fun relationships do. But how the hell do I quantify that… I keep the equation simple, and went to WiKi divorce demographics. There I learned that 55% of all marriages end with divorce. The shocking thing is that America is a conservative country when looking at global statistics.

The ways for me to be grateful for in my life are endless, to mention a few off the top of my head, would be to be a conscious, happy, healthy living being, whom is a part of amazing primary and extended family, with a stable livelihood providing the ability to do as I desire. But I did task myself with discovering the answer to “how lucky am I”, so here goes.

I started with the total global population, 7,220,000,000 and multiplied that by 0.0011, representing the 0.11 % global income group I stand in. = 7,942,000

I divided that by 0.45, the percent left over after 55% divorce rates. = 17,648,888.9

So this is the odds of somebody being lucky enough to make $75k a year, AND be married… One in 17,648,888.9 humans on planet earth are fortunate enough to meet these 2 criteria only.

How many of those people are healthy; how many of them are doing what they like doing? How many feel connected and serving their purpose? The list of things to be grateful for is endless, the factors we can create are incalculable.

I hit the lotto


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