Big scare Little monster

You know that sinking feeling you get in your gut, when you “just know” it ain’t gonna end up all right? Yea, right now, I have it. The wind is just howling, to either side is a small tumble of loose rock followed by 1,000′ plus drop offs. I’m staring up at another jagged wall, the only thing in the way between me and the path that ultimately takes me back home. I just don’t see how I’m going to do it… I try to scamper straight up, but chicken out and down climb back to a safe spot to reassess. Ok, I may have gotten myself in another pickle, again

But wait, what’s this? Another route? Taking a swing at ANY other option, I scramble around the giant boulders lodged into the side of the mountain, and WHOOSH, a wave of relief washes over me. A series of ledges lend a much more do-able way, and I crawl up the vertical staircase. As I look down now, and compare how I looked at the same thing so differently from a different view, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Well that was a big scare for a small monster”!

And just like that, I found a reminder of the power of perception on that mountain top. How different does something look when you see it from another perspective? It can be entirely…
Whether starting something seemingly insurmountable, standing as an underdog in front of a “very worthy adversary”, or confronted with a wall in between you and what you want; life gives us obstacles that at times seem BIG.

We can take them straight on, which is certainly an option, or we can take a step pack and consider other views. Walls don’t go on forever, one can walk around, climb over or smash through. Giants although mighty, are slow and cumbersome, can be out-maneuvered, and come crashing down. Any and every undertaking springs from its starting point, and continues on, one step at a time.

Each step puts us somewhere unique, because you are there, nowhere else; and it’s unique position offers it’s own vantage point.

SOMEWHERE there is a back door to get into what you’re locked out of and denied… SOMEWHERE there is a bridge that crosses the chasm of the impossible…
SOMEWHERE there is a view that shows you the lighthouse when you’re lost in the storm…
SOMEWHERE there is a sledgehammer, just waiting for you to pick it up & swing!

It’s just up to you to find it; don’t sell yourself short thinking that what you see, from where you are right now, is all there is. Don’t drag around limiting perceptions of yourself or your possibilities that you may have caught a glimpse of when in another less advantageous spot. That was another time, another place, another circumstance. There is a lifetime of other times, places and circumstances, some you can influence, some you can’t. Focus on what is in front of you, and proceed in the present, like a warrior

One thought on “Big scare Little monster

  1. Very inspiring. I so often want to either run or take the short cut back. If only I would/could find that other path that gives me a different view, clearer view. Thank you for your inspiration and insight. I will try to notice the view from every vantage point. Maybe it will broaden my horizons!

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